The Innovators Partnership brings together a number of accomplished professionals, who are enthusiastic about innovative solutions to organizational human challenges. We like these challenges and have a proven experience in overcoming them. Thus we have decided to combine our expertise and experience in order to create something bigger than ourselves: visible change in the world of organizations.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
(J.R.R. Tolkien)
I am encouraging my clients to ask the right questions.

We are the authors of our own stories. The real challenge of being a leader is to tell our stories in a way that they become compelling enough for others to use them as their own… As a companion to leaders and management teams,
I invite them to be more conscious and self-confident owners of their own stories, of their own lives.

With a unique background as an HR consultant, business leader & ex diplomat I have been always acting as an interface and interpreter between stakeholders of different mindset: business & HR; leaders & employees, white & blue collars… this allows me to create real value to my clients in building more people centric organisations for the sake of the ultimate business goals.


The challenges of today are rooted in the complexity of the internal and external dynamics of business. The Innovators Partnership brings lasting changes and measurable results in our customer’s life, through interdisciplinarity and systems perspective. We believe in lateral and divergent thinking, interdisciplinary approach to bring real solutions to complex problems. Our core values are trust, flexibility, quality and creativity.


With diverse backgrounds, deep expertise and a synergy focused approach we deliver tailor- made, innovative and unique solutions. Whether you are a leader facing a jump to a C-suite position, or a manager transforming the culture of your organization or a business owner striving for even higher results… we are here to support you. We provide a wide range of human services, including OD and HR consulting, Leadership development trainings and Executive coaching.


In cases of mergers and acquisitions culture is a factor that is usually not taken into account by the due diligence process. However when it comes to post-merger integration, it is always the most challenging aspect to manage.


In many organisations People surveys or Engagement surveys often show results, where there is clear room for improvement. However too often it is regarded simple as a ‘must do’ exercise, management just wants to get the action plans out of the way.


Especially in strategic context, foresight is not about predicting the future. There are far too many variables and dependencies in play to be able to do so. Foresight is about imagining many different futures: positive futures, negative-, weird- and amazing futures.


The recent changes in business environment (VUCA world) raise big challenges to HR functions.  Organisations are facing the problems of labour market manifesting in permanently vacant positions, rising fluctuation and rising employment costs to name the most prevalent ones.


Relational agility,
LOD® – Leading out of Drama®
Developing others – coaching skills for leaders


With the technology enabled transformation of the business world the struggle for talent has intensified. Undoubtedly key business success factor is the ability of an organization to attract, develop, and retain key talents. Simply: talent management.


Leadership alignment training.
Usually a senior leadership team consist of strong leaders. By nature, they tend to have strong personality, explicit opinion, … so working together as a team is not the easiest task for them.


Navigating complex and ever-changing business- and organization landscapes, while engaging their followers. Providing vision when uncertainty is almost the only predictable feature of the environment.


We work in close, trust-based partnership with our clients with a focus on their strengths, their environment and their opportunities by combining measurement, diagnostics and interventions with pinpoint accuracy.


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